How to Make Chic Wooden Letters for Home Decor

Thinking about home decor is something nice. Indeed, home is something that should be paid attention. You should see the details of your home. You should always keep your home look beautiful and interesting. You should see what the things that should be changed. For example, if you are bored with old decoration, you should change it with the new decoration.

There are many kinds of home decor that can be applied. You may hang a beautiful painting or pictures on the wall. You may put some statues or indoor plants as home decor. Actually, if you are creative, all the things can be home decor. Just use your creativity and imagination.

In this article, I want to introduce to you about wooden letters. Do you know wooden letters? Wooden letters are included as home decor. It is simple and usually applied on the wall or door. Wooden letters are very popular in modern today. Wooden letters can be an identity of the private room because many people write their name and apply on the wall using wooden letters.

How to make chic wooden letters? It is very simple. Even, you can make it by yourself. Firstly, you have to prepare wood panels. Choose high quality wood panels and easy to shape. Then, make letter patterns by using pencil, for example letter A, B, C, etc. After that, cut the wood panels follow the letter patterns. You can it by using sharp saw. Wooden letters are collected. Maybe, the surface still looks rough. To make it smooth, you have sandpaper it. Sandpaper it with two direction, up and down, then side by side. After that, you may not let your wooden letters look ordinary and not interesting. To make it nicer, you have to garnish it. Paint it with many kinds of colors and patterns, such as dots, flowers, etc. At last, you can add some touches, such as ribbon, beads, and cute hanger.

Now, chic wooden letters are ready to apply. You can apply it on the wall or door. You can apply it in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc. And, look! What a nice home!

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