Traditional Red Oak Flooring

The Red Oak Flooring becomes a trend nowadays. Even though people are now living in modern era, but traditional materials such as wood still becomes a favorite. There are some references that we will discuss here. You ca use this idea to remodel your house and choose a good materials to your floor.

Look at the picture. It is an oak. We have already know that oak is a tree from the genus of Quercus. Oak is very commonly planted in North America and Mexico. This tree is actually has a very high quality because of its wonderful color, durability, and the ease in designing the oak. There are so many types of colors of oak after it produced, one of them, which is quite expensive is red oak. Red oak is very wonderful because it can be a housing materials, it has also function to reduce pollution and provide compacted soil. Therefore, red oak is very special especially for housing. In the first picture we can see an example of red oak which has no red color. The Red Oak flooring design in this picture looks so classic. The color is a combination of dark brown and bright brown. Even though the basic material is red oak but it is not necessarily the floor has red color.

Red oak flooring can be applied in many places of the house for example in the kitchen, living room, dining room even bedroom. In the second picture we can see the red oak flooring for kitchen. Red oak can be designed in many different colors. It can be dark brown, and bright brown. When you look at the detail, you can see that the floor has pattern in black color. The pattern is actually influenced by the age of the tree. You can choose the younger tree to get brighter and less pattern.

Red oak which has brighter color can be seen in the next picture. You can see the floor has bright red color in combination with creamy color. The floor looks glossy because it has processed very carefully to make it looks glossy so that you can see the floor is very beautiful. Red Oak Flooring design Ideas like this can be a very good reference for you who love classic and traditional design of house.